When is your equipment re-placed?

We replace our gear every year or every other year. We stay very competitive & current with what parents want. Every year, the baby equipment industry gets better and better – more improved. New equipment & design, most of the time, has to do with recalls – always remember that.

Where is your equipment stored?

Petite Travelers has equipment stored in places that are air controlled & clean. Nantucket Storage Center has been home to the majority of our rental equipment for many years.

When can I expect my Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental order to arrive?

We work closely with Nantucket Real Estate Agents, Hotels & Inns, Nantucket Car Agencies, all other Nantucket Accommodations and lots of homeowners and work hard to get the baby equipment rental orders delivered by check-ins times.

When do you pick-up our Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental Equipment when done using the gear?

Again, we work closely with everyone involved in your rental or stay, and collect the Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental Gear upon your checkout time (typically between 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM). If you need the equipment for a longer period of time during the day, please coordinate that directly with a Petite Travelers staff member.

Do you install any of the rental gear?

No Way! We cannot install items that are being rented from Petite Travelers, Inc. We are happy to point you in the right direction or explain how something is to be installed or set-up. Rest assure, however, our gear is very safe and selected to be on the more “user-friendly” side of things.

Should we do anything when finished with the rental gear?

If you have rented a crib & bumper, please remove the bumper. If you have rented our indoor or outdoor toys, please gather all the toys together. We understand its hard packing & getting everyone out the door – especially when your checkout is on
the earlier side. Please just try to get all the gear together and left in one place. If you have instructions to lock-up the house, please leave the gear outside for us to collect or coordinate a time for us to collect before you lock-up.

What do you do when something is recalled?

We register all our baby equipment directly with the manufactures, get notified when something is re-called and quickly remove the product from our inventory.

Who delivers your Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental Gear?

The Petite Travelers family is big – It’s big so we can accommodate all our requests and work within the islands check-in & out times. We staff enough people so you don’t have to wait long. Our staff members usually return year-after-year or we hire and train excellent & polite people to help deliver & clean your baby equipment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand parents book so far in advance and don’t need what they ordered when the Nantucket vacation arrives. We refund you 100%. Just try to give us a little notice.

What’s inside your retail store?

Lots of fun, practical & earth-friendly stuff. We have indoor & outdoor toys, baby & toddler accessories, clothing, outdoor furniture for kids, diapering supplies, Nantucket sweaters, Crib sheets, baby equipment for purchase, and so much more!
It’s a real treat and we love meeting our customers too!

How is your Nantucket Rental Gear cleaned?

We treat this part of our rental business very seriously. Petite Traveler’s hires people to specifically clean ALL rental gear after each use. We only use Seventh Generation cleaning products to clean too! Our linens are taken to Holdgates
Laundry after each use. Just ask them. We keep the VERY busy all summer with all our organic crib sheets & bumpers!

When should I book my Nantucket Rental Equipment?

As soon as you can  Petite Traveler’s recommends booking your Nantucket Crib & Stroller Rentals in as soon as possible – its never too early – trust us. You can ALWAYS add on to your order too. Cribs & Strollers are two of our most popular and common rental items. Our customers love what we have and make sure to book with us once they have a Nantucket vacation BOOKED!

Do you accept last minute orders?

Yes! We cannot promise it’s available, but we will try our best to come through with something for you!

Can I drop off my Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental stuff at your shop Location?

Yes! We will have cedar drop-off bins for the 2016 season. Our hours are extensive too.

What if I need something and don’t see it on your baby equipment rental menu?

Just ask. It might just be your lucky day!

What if I break or lose something I rented from Petite Travelers?

We ask you use the Honesty is the Best Policy under this section. Just tell us so we aren’t surprised when it’s returned. We are moms and understanding people, and can work something out if you are in this situation. Honesty is always the best policy! After all, we know the seagull didn’t break our beach tent.

Do you substitute rental equipment after I book a specific item?

If we do substitute under the same category, we will discuss that beforehand and give you the option to cancel the rental order.

Do you offer discounts or specials?

ALL THE TIME! Visit our FACEBOOK page and website to check out promotions. If another Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental Co. is offering something for less, let us know and we will match the price!

Do you charge for delivery?

Nope! But, you can tip those hardworking delivery guys/girls!

Do you deliver 7 days a week? Even on Sunday?

Yes. We operate 7-days per week – even on Sundays.

Are you open year-round?

Yes. We live on Nantucket year-round. Our baby equipment rental business is open year-round. Our retail shop closes Jan – Mid-March.

Do you set-up my Nantucket Baby Equipment/Nantucket Crib Rentals?

Of course. Just let us know where to set something up and we will make sure it’s done. If you arrive to the house and need extra help, just call us and we will be right over to help!

What are your hours?

Ha.Just call us anytime (leave a message if no one answers), email or stop by our
shop during our hours. We are known for being the most available Nantucket Baby Equipment Rental Company. People use our service because we are available and prompt. It’s a full time business/job – not a part-time homerun business. Someone is
always on the clock or on call at Petite Travelers.

How is your gear selected?

You select it. Yup. We listen to our customers, read lots & lots of mom & parenting blogs, visit baby expo’s and shows all over the country, and stay on top of trends & recalls and … OF COURSE it helps to be a mom too!

Did we forget anything? Just email or call us with your questions or concerns.

Someone will quickly get right back to you!